Friday, 17 August 2012

Lee Clark gives more verbal

Blues manager Lee Clark is keeping up his verbal onslaught against Charlton before Saturday's match, admitting that he respects them as opponents and expects a tough and exciting match, but warning that it will be problematic for the Addicks: Clark

One of Clark's objectives it to pump up the crowd. For everything that he says about how marvellous they are, the atmsophere can drop quickly if the game does not go their way, hence the formation of a 'Forza Blues' in an effort to revive what is described as the 'dying atmopshere' in St.Andrews: Forza Blues.

Apparently they will be equipped with giant banners and will create a range of colourful continental-style celebrations to mirror crowds at top games in Spain’s La Liga and the famous orchestrated antics of Poland’s Lech Poznan. All this in Birmingham!

At the last count, over 1,500 Addicks had bought tickets and this number is expected to rise by at least a few hundred on the day, so they will be able to give a good response.

Charlton have played at St.Andrews twice since the 1997/98 promotion season when we drew 0-0 to the considerable indignation of the home fans. You can read an account of that match here (you have to scroll down to 'Sasa Spoils Karen's Party': Birmingham In 1999/2000 the Bues beat us by the odd goal and we lost 3-2 in 2008/9.

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