Thursday, 23 August 2012

N'Guessan correction

Pravda has stated that our offer for N'Guessan was under £50k, a figure confirmed by normally reliable sources. That sounds like a more realistic figure and explains the ready rejection. Perhaps we could have thrown in a few tins of paint for the Toolbox. In any case, the team looks more or less complete.

Saturday's opponents Hull City went down 1-0 at Blackburn last night. Manager Steve Bruce commented, 'For all our good football and the way we are defensively, if you don't score and take the chances somewhere like here, it's going to be a frustrating night for you. I think after being at the club a few weeks, that's going to be our Achilles heel.'

Given our defensive strengths that is encouraging for Saturday, although the weather forecast is for rain. Full preview later today.


Sciurus Carolinensis Nemesis said...

Can we infer from that that Fuller's wages are only similar to what N'Guessan may have received? Otherwise big Ric could be a very big gamble, Dany N'Guessan very much of proven ability and application

Wyn Grant said...

In our present cash flow situation I don't think we would be going for any big wage signings, least of all Fuller.