Monday, 13 August 2012

The curious case of Sam Baldock

Getting on for a couple of weeks ago, the signing of Sam Baldock by Bristol City was declared to be imminent, particularly by the Bristol press. Since then, silence. Admittedly, the deal proposed by the 'Robins' (a name their fans dislike) was a complicated one given their lack of readies.

Baldock wants out of West Ham because he thinks, realistically enough, that he is not likely to get much first team football there. One would think that he might prefer to stay in London. Could he yet come to The Valley? Or will Ipswich Town revive their interest?

Congratulations on the 2-1 victory in the 'behind close doors' friendly at Fulham. You can stick that up your Michael Jackson statue. There are limits to how far you can base anything on performances in pre-season friendlies, but the general picture has been encouraging.

This contrasts with the doom and gloom about alleged turmoil at the club. Clearly there was a falling out with chief executive Steve Kavanagh but these things can happen in any organisation. I can think of a case where the No.2 fell out with the No.1 and left but no one rushed around shouting 'we're all doomed'.

Some of the other rumours are on the level of 'my mate was talking to a bloke in the pub whose aunt is a tea lady at the training ground and they have been told to go easy on the tea bags so we can see the club is running out of money.' We may not be flush with cash, but the plan was never to make a lot of signings this summer.


Anonymous said...

Bristol City aren't short of cash, check out the link, David Sullivan is worth less than the BCFC owner!

Anonymous said...

going to wolves as part of the deal for Mattt jarvis is latest I heard

and yeah the bristol owner is worth roughly what gold and sullivan are combined

Wyn Grant said...

It's true he's worth a lot of money, some of it he gets from me as his company is my stockbroker. However, quite a lot of money is set aside for the new stadium project, albeit that keeps being delayed.

bristol addick said...

3I understand from City mates that City are still owed a fair wedge for Maynard, so they'd be paying a net figure to buy him.

However, if the rumours of his £15k per week salary are true, they are not sure they'd pay that either.

Anonymous said...

Slightly disingenuous about some of the rumours that have been floating about. We know one of the sources is a direct contact with Richard Murray and another is a source from within the club.

Wyn Grant said...

These things can still get exaggerated in the telling. But if there is a really serious problem it is unfortunate that no one can go public, although I can understand why this may not be possible.