Sunday, 19 August 2012

Wolves continue to chase Sam Baldock

Wolves are continuing to show an interest in West Ham striker Sam Baldock and a deal involving Charlton is looking much less likely, if it ever was a real possibility. The Hammers hope to use him as bait in their efforts to land former Gillingham player Matt Jarvis. An offer of £8m with £3m in add ons was turned down out of hand by Wolves, but the Hammers are now set to come back with Baldock as part of the package.

I have received some more information about the club's financial situation and related matters and I am now more concerned about the situation than I was. If and when I learn more, I will provide more detail, but it does seem that there are some cash flow challenges in the short term, according to my source who occupies a crucial catering role at the training ground.

The immediate lesson I would draw is that success on the pitch and the fans getting behind the team becomes more important than ever.


Jack said...

Indeed and SCP did seem somewhat more stressed than usual on Saturday, fingers crossed that all will be well.
Excellent blog as usual

Anonymous said...

Understand we have paid HMRC but have outstanding bills with the police, amongst others

Kings Hill Addick said...

On reflection maybe keeping our current squad will be a significant achievement, never mind signing million pound strikers.

BrummieHammer said...

A 'Crucial catering role'..what is he..the toast maker?