Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Orient look for victory

With Chris Powell hinting that he may put out less than his full first choice eleven in tonight's Capital One match, Leyton Orient are hoping for victory: Orient

Saturday's clash at Birmingham City is clearly more important. Also, it would be good to see the likes of Wilson, Cook and Kerkar given a run out. Reports on Kerkar pre-season have been particularly promising despite Rangers fans saying that he was no good.

Orient have not had a particularly good pre-season, but as the writer of the linked article points out, this does not really tell us very much.

What we can do without is extra time and penalties. We don't want anything that will tire players ahead of Saturday's match, or more worrying, lead them to pick up injuries.

I can't get down from the Midlands, but either Paul May or Liz Horton will provide match coverage.

Massive result for Sheffield Wednesday last night who went behind at mighty Oldham but showed their Premiership potential to fight back and win 4-2.

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