Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Villa in for Stephens? Button In?

Reasonably reliable reports are suggesting that Villa have put in for Dale Stephens. The possibility of signing this 'creative midfielder' has been greeted with 'cautious optimism' by one Villa site: Stephens

I must say that I find this quite a surprising development, although perhaps nothing happening at Villa should surprise me these days. For me, Stephens was never as creative after he had his op last year. Some consider that Hollands has to keep an eye out for him and is limited as a result, others that Stephens contributes more than he appears to.

As for reports that we are going to pay £500,000 and a hefty pay rise for 23-year old Spurs keeper David Button I find this even more surprising. Button has been loaned out no less than 13 times in his career: Button

Of course, under the new regime, Spurs are keen to thin out their bloated squad, but half a million (even if only half is paid up front) seems a bit steep in an era of unpaid invoices. Hamer is on great form and does not really need a challenge. Sullivan has not shone as No.2, but do we need a replacement?

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Anonymous said...

Unpaid Invoices ?

Tell us more. The signing of Fuller Button and it seems more to come doesn't suggest the milk bill is overdue.