Thursday, 16 August 2012

Blues settle for all out attack

Birmingham City manager Lee Clark has indicated that he wants his players to attack Charlton right from kick off on Saturday: Clark

However, the shrewd manager is under no illusions that the Blues just have to turn up to claim three easy points. He acknowledges that Chris Powell has done a 'magnificent' job at Charlton and thinks that the Addicks will be out to enjoy their stay in the Championship.

Despite their 5-1 victory over Barnet on Tuesday, he thinks that they allowed Barnet (who scored the opening goal) too many opportunities to attack the Blues goal. There is more than a hint of concern about defensive frailty.

Given Birmingham's determination to attack, and presumably score an early goal or two, this poses some tactical challenges for Chris Powell. Should he start very defensively to blunt the Blues attack and frustrate them, allowing the crowd to get on their back, or should he match attack with attack?

While I am glad I am not the manager, I would go for an initial counter attacking strategy. However, what the formation should be is a real challenge: there have been experiments with a number of alternatives pre-season.

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