Thursday, 23 August 2012

Unique look at Millwall

Tonight on BBC 2 at 10 p.m: 'Years before Dragons' Den, Theo Paphitis was chairman of Millwall Football Club, dragging them out of administration, into an FA Cup final, and on to television screens in the behind-the-scenes documentary series Back the Floor. Now the former boss is back at Millwall, reliving his time in front of the cameras and seeing how the experience changed both him and the club.'

What has changed? The Toolbox is rustier than ever. What hasn't? The fans.

Next week's episode: the Orange One visits Selhurst Park.


frankoldshep said...

Does the term 'Clappy' only refer to your sister ?

Dave said...

Wyn - The Toolbox has been given it's 20 year new coat of Millwall Blue. Hopefully you will get to see it before the rust works it's way through. That "frankoldshep's" a card - he left me the same hilarious message!

frankoldshep said...

Of course, you ARE sisters !
Get off to bed now. And dad will be in soon !

Anonymous said...

Having watched the documentary last night it was interesting to note that their own catering staff were quite sniffy about some of the Millwall "corporates" which reflects my own experience when I was a guest of an advertising agency client some years ago with my wife where the welcome from the "corporates" included spitting at me and calling me a c**t. I suppose I did make the massive mistake of clapping with 2 fingers under my seat when we scored.