Thursday, 30 August 2012

Stephens bid rejected?

It is being reported that the Villa bid for Dale Stephens has been rejected. How much the bid was is open to question. Some sources state £600,000, which would be an under valuation, others £1.5m, which would be more realistic.

Chris Solly briefly appeared on Wikipedia last night listed as a West Ham player, but that has now been corrected. However, as the transfer deadline approaches, it looks as if he will not be taking a one way trip northbound on the Free Ferry en route to Chadwell Heath. I think that most Charlton fans would like to see last season's Player of the Year stay this side of the river, certainly I would.

Seeing a rampant Everton thumping Leyton Orient 5-0 makes me pleased we didn't progress further in the Capital One Cup. Hopefully we would have lost by a smaller margin, but it would have been a wasted journey that tired and possibly injured players.

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