Monday 17 June 2019

Aribo heading for Rangers

Summer football is now under way in the Highlands and Islands, including the Orkney Cheese League. However, this picture is from Eriskay in the six team Barra and Uist league.

Nothing has been officially confirmed, but media reports from Scotland suggest that Joe Aribo is heading for Rangers, Celtic being the alternative.

This is disappointing on a number of levels. I had clung to a faint hope that we might be able to hold on to him, although I knew that was not realistic. Charlton have always been a selling club.

Of course, in this case we won't get a fee, just a very small sum in development compensation from north of the border, probably in used Scottish notes.

I also do not think it is the right move for Aribo. Admittedly, the Scottish league is better than the leagues in Luxembourg, Malta and Cyprus. It is also ahead of the rapidly improving Gibraltar league and the fiercely competitive Vatican league. But leaving those leagues aside, it is one of the least competitive leagues in Europe, affecting the ability of Scottish teams to make an impact in European competitions.

Aribo would have been far better off developing his undoubted talent in the Bundesliga. Even if it meant being measured for lederhosen, it would have been better than the kilt.

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