Wednesday 19 June 2019

Reinforcing strike force comes before Jonny Williams

Reinforcing Charlton's strike force comes before finding a berth for Jonny Williams says recruitment supremo Steve Gallen: Update on interest. [Please note that the SLP web pages are currently slow to load].

Gallen said: 'He was great for us and I hope it was great for Jonny as well. It got him back in the shop window, and that is what we sold it to him like at the end of December or start of January.'

'Come and get yourself in the shop window, play some games and show what you’re all about. That’s from your side. But, for us, come and help us get over the line. We can’t afford what he was on at Palace. We would still like to resurrect that, but the priority right now is to get a couple of strikers in.

Williams did become something of a fans' favourite for his energetic runs that unsettled opposition players.

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