Monday 17 June 2019

Bowyer 50-50 to walk away

According to the Evening Standard Lee Bowyer is 50-50 to walk away from Charlton if Roland Duchatelet does not meet his contract expectations later this week: Holds out for improved contract offer

You can dismiss this as another invented 'fake news' story if you wish, and one that hedges its bets, but the writer does seem to have some sources and it would appear to be more credible than the optimistic Daily Mail report.

Rick Everitt is not one to miss a chance to castigate Roland, but has taken a cautious if vigorously expressed line in a tweet from his Ramsgate fastness. The VOTV editor commented, 'Bowyer is absolutely right to stand up to Duchatelet and if he goes let’s ensure it brings a bucketload of crap down on the buffoon’s head. But it’s a negotiation and we can’t assume yet that RD won’t blink.'

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