Thursday 13 June 2019

Roland takes personal charge

Roland Duchatelet is spending a big chunk of his two per cent time budget for Charlton by taking personal charge of contract negotiations with Lee Bowyer. Talks with his sidekick Lieven de Turck had become deadlocked and there are now less than 24 hours before the popular manager would be free to walk away: Belgian takes over contract talks

The SLP's Richard Cawley has commented on Twitter: 'People might think Duchatelet getting involved is a bad thing - but not sure it is. Talks were going nowhere before that.'

The shell shocked journalist, who has said that he has badly in need of a well-deserved holiday, continued: 'There are no indications as things stand that the deadline could get shunted on. Not long now until Charlton back in pre-season training plus got deals lined up to go. Needed a sense of urgency a whole lot earlier. But you don't need telling that.'

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