Thursday 20 June 2019

BBC claims takeover is near

The BBC is claiming that a takeover of Charlton by the Australian consortium is near: Takeover close.

We have heard this sort of thing before and I have no means of testing its veracity. However, given recent criticisms, I doubt that the BBC would publish such a story without a reliable source. But then Rick Everitt had an excellent source for his VOTV story which turned out to be wrong at the time.

I do not know what has happened to the Cardiff City chairman whose possible departure caused so much angst in Wales.

Purists will wait, as always, for the official site, but that is the last place you will read anything, Roland's rants aside. New signings are only announced after they have had their medical, been given an Oyster card if they are not from London and photographed wearing the shirt and with a scarf.

This is followed by an interview in which they declare:

  • I always wanted to play for Charlton
  • They are a massive club (copyright, Sheffield Wednesday)
  • The fans are great
  • It's a great stadium and training ground
  • I can't wait to meet the lads (translation: what's my forfeit going to be?)
  • It's good to be playing to London (translation: I really mean this. My agent had me lined up for some ****hole up north).

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