Sunday 16 June 2019

News mill claims Bowyer deal is near

This week I heard someone who is not a native English speaker describe the Daily Mail as the Daily Mill. They are a news mill that churns out stories that will get them clickbait. Perhaps their ideal story would be 'Sporting celebrity tries to make peace between Kate and Meghan.'

I therefore treat their report that Lee Bowyer will sign a new contract this week with a measure of caution: Pens new deal and spurns QPR

If I was a journo sitting in front of a computer I could have put that story together as a shrewd guess from Richard Cawley's tweets and reports for the SLP. No one with any sense would go anywhere near the Super Hoops as manager.

Nevertheless, I hope they are right, and I hope a deal to sell the club is not too far away.

Richard Cawley has just tweeted (1910, Sunday) in relation to the Daily Mail report: 'I've checked and I'm told it isn't true, that nothing has changed as things stand. Same situation as Friday night, in that negotiations were moving along in right direction at long last.'

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