Friday, 3 April 2009

Charlton match designated 'ultra crucial'

The Southampton Daily Echo has designated tomorrow's match against Charlton as 'ultra crucial' as Saints struggle to avoid being the first major club to go out of business altogether. Some 21,000 home fans are expected to attend, while the West Sussx branch are organising a special coach for the Addickted. For more on the financial situation at Southampton go to Saints

On the pitch it's business as usual as the home side look to pick up three easy points from the bottom club: Business as usual


Anonymous said...

The Political Economy of Football article you linked to under "Saints" has an interesting piece about Ebbsfleet -wherein it says that Charlton could be interested in buying the Ebbsfleet football ground! Did I miss something, or is it usual groundless (boom boom)press speculation!

Pembury Addick

Wyn Grant said...

Ebbsfleet are in some difficulty and there have been rumours of some kind of more formal link up. The present Fleet ground is no use for Charlton other than as a location for reserve games.

Daggs said...

It's not much use to Ebbsfleet either.
If they had any money they would do well to build a new ground (similar to that of Dartford) near Ebbsfleet station.
As i said, if they had any money!