Sunday 12 April 2009

Deano at Brakes, Chris for Charlton?

Dean Kiely is to be the guest of honour and will present the awards at Leamington's annual presentation evening on May 8th.

One rumour I heard yesterday at The Valley - and it is no more than that - is Chris Kiely may be drafted in as a back up keeper at Charlton when his loan spell at the Brakes ends, rather than returning to the Gills. It is a pretty unlikely story as:

1. His dad may not want him to go to Charlton given that he left feeling frozen out.
2. We have a well thought of No.2 in Randolph (although there have been questions raised about his attitude and he may want to go somewhere he can be No.1).
3. Callum Christie has already played in the reserves, although since then he has had a niggling injury.

What I did hear from a reliable source is the substantial size of Andy Gray's salary. Anyone who read the Greenwich Mercury this week will feel sympathetic about Andy's family health problems (personally I think it would have been better to put this out in the public domain before now, but one has to respect the player's wishes). This must have been a burden on Andy and since then he has picked up a footballing injury.

It's another example of our bad luck as I think that he does have real quality. However, if he doesn't leave in the summer, we are probably going to have to loan him out as he is contracted to us until 2011 (see Deepest Darkest who has done an in depth study of when contracts expire).


Tony said...

I may be wrong but doesn't Randolph's contract end at the end of the season??

Wyn Grant said...

I think it does, but Deepest Darkest has all the information.