Sunday 26 April 2009

Varney leading takeover bid?

The South London aka Pravda because it is a reliable source of information about Charlton has reported that former chief executive Peter Varney is leading a takeover bid for the club.

The South London Press understands that Varney - who stepped down from his role at The Valley in June - has pulled together a group of wealthy buyers who are ready to acquire the club. And they are prepared to plough serious investment into Charlton.

Varney refused to deny that he is leading a buyout of the club when the South London Press contacted him this week - and it is understood a decision is imminent on whether the bid to take control of the Addicks will be successful.

Charlton chairman Richard Murray said: 'It’s no secret that the club is looking for financial investment - however we have got a strategy which allows us to carry on without any outside investment.'

Rumours about a new takeover bid have been circulating for some weeks but this is the first time they have been given any substance. 'Reg' is a popular figure at The Valley and most of the Addickted would welcome his renewed involvement in the club.


Unknown said...

Is it a coincidence that the departure of Varney has coincided with the loss of direction and decline?

Anonymous said...

After Zabeel I said I'd never get excited about these sort of rumours again. But given that its Reg we are are talking about here, this feels so much more of a "Charlton" type event than the surreal Dubai scenario.

Permission to get excited Captain Mainwairing.

Pembury Addick

Anonymous said...

I really don't think that PV's departute is anyway linked to our footballing/club decline.
But he obviously has made plenty of contacts during his tenure and maybe something good (cash investors)can be linked. When I asked him about the rumours(at the Bruumie match) he told me not to believe anything in print.

newyorkaddick said...

Varney must have been instrumental presumably in the whole Dowie/Mills 'structure' and the Les Reed fiasco.

If we'd stayed up that season, we might still be a Premiership club let alone in League One.

He seemed a very efficient executive and obviously a Charlton fan at heart, but hardly as blameless as some people like to portray.

Anonymous said...

Anything that sees clueless waggott gone has to be a bonus

John said...

Nobody except the board really knows, who is responsible for what.

For instance I heard a rumour, and yes a rumour only, at the Blackpool game, that Peter Varney was originally forced out by Chappell and Waggott and that Varney voted against the appointment of Dowie.

I hope Peter does come back, we have certainly been on the slippery slope without him.