Thursday 23 April 2009

Charlton no longer bottom?

It would appear that Charlton are no longer bottom of the Championship following the deduction of 10 points from Southampton. However, the points deduction may carry over to next season if they finish in the bottom three anyway: Saints


Suze said...

It's no wonder they're fighting hard, being in "due diligence" with two parties.
So though the holding club is the one in administration, the debts are mainly the clubs...or that's what the Football League have decided. I wondered how they were going to get around the fact a bank were paying the players salaries.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to repeat what I've just said on Drinking, but I think I know something that many don't (which probably means I've got it wrong).

The ten points deduction will only apply if Saints accumulate enough points to stay up this season.

If they don't, the deduction will apply to next season instead.

So they could be first club in history to be playing games this season, for their league position next.

So we aren't off the bottom yet - but could be if a certain sequence of results transpires that I can't be arsed to work out.

I feel smug now.

Pembury Addick

Miles Ockwell said...

Hopefully they'll go down anyway and have the points taken off next season - that way one of our rivals will be minus ten already (and I think we need all the help we can get right now!!)