Monday 20 April 2009

Premiership 2 plan is back

Club chairmen are to discuss a plan to have a two tier Premiership of 18 clubs in each division, including Celtic and Rangers, on Thursday: Two Tier

Personally I think this particular proposal put forward by Bolton chairman Phil Gartside is a non starter, particularly the Scottish part. Uefa would never allow it and would threaten the Scottish national side.

Nevertheless, it will revive discussion of the idea. Richard Murray has always seen it as a long-term possibility, hinting that Charlton would fit nicely into the second tier.

If it happened any time in the near future, it would be very bad news for us and we might find ourselves more or less permanently outside the new set up. Fortunately, I think that it is an unlikely prospect.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely not the Scottish part!
At a time when the U.K. is dividing up into it's constituent parts, There's no place for more foreign teams in the English league.

David Warner said...

If Sky TV decides that this is a good idea it will happen eventually. As usual, this will not be a decision made for footballing reasons.

Kings Hill Addick said...

I cannot believe that Celtic and Rangers would want this. Even with the Sky TV money that they would receive, I think it would take atleast a decade before they could compete with our Big Four. During that time the chances are that the Big Four would actually pull away.

Thus they would become like all the rest, just trying to avoide relegation out of the Premier League.

I've also believed that asking 20 teams to vote for sharing their jackpot with another 16 teams is like asking Turkeys to vote for Christmas. Sure, there'll be a few at the bottom that would like a second Premier League, but the rest would want to keep the money all for themselves.

WattO said...

Another venerable tradition flushed down the toilet by the money grabbing bastards. It was bad enough when they started fucking around with the names of the leagues. They've now created a multi-billion dollar, global publishing monster that demands to be fed more and more, year on year. All the money seems to go overseas, and into the wages, precious little goes to the grass roots of English football. Bah humbug!