Monday 27 April 2009

Do you want treatment for relegation?

This was my Manchester City supporting doctor's quip when I went to see him today. He wanted to know why he had been relegated when we still had parachute payments. My shorthand answer on these occasions is always Dowie wasting money on useless players.

This got him started on Danny Mills who had enjoyed a five year contract at City which was now coming to an end during which time he had contributed nothing.

He also gave me a detailed account of Nicky Weaver's medical problems at City, not all of which I understood, but which sounded pretty grim. It made me wonder why we had signed him in the first place, but then I remembered that Charlton like to sign chronically injured players. Indeed, that was one of Curbs's weaknesses.

As for me, apparently I have been walking too much and too vigorously for my age and have a sports injury as a result.


Dave said...

Rest up Wynn. You've got the close season to recover before the excitement of next season is upon us. Wishing you a speedy improvement - Dave.

Anonymous said...

At least as a city fan he knows of what he speaks!

Anonymous said...

Nicky Weaver Bought me a pint on New Years Eve in Chislehurst...Therefore I voted for him as "Player of the Year"...The best performance I can remember from any of the current squad!

Hopefully in August the fans will allow a little time prior to moaning!

ChicagoAddick said...

I'm going to give them until the Welling friendly ;-)

Get well soon Wyn.