Tuesday 28 April 2009

Minimum £3m price tag for Shelvey

With Spurs, Fulham and Newcastle in the hunt, Charlton have put a minimum £3m price tag on Young Player of the Year Jonjo Shelvey. No doubt many of the Addickted would think he is worth more and we should certainly insert a sell on clause. However, it looks like he is on his way over the summer.

The Haringey club have now tasked assistant manager Bond with running the rule over the youngster and are thought likely to firm up a £3m offer. However, there have been rumours that Arsenal are interested.


AC said...

The last few times I've seen him play I've been so impressed. He breezes past opposition players and he can score goals too. Unless it's a matter of the club going bust if we don't sell then we'd be crazy to offload him for anything less than £4m upfront plus sell ons. Especially when you think of some of the dross we spent £2m on. Shouldn't the fact he only signed a contract recently give us confidence that he's being advised to stay where he's guaranteed first team games...Or am I just being naively optimistic?

Anonymous said...

You are not being naively optimistic in my view. The boy has genuine class and his prozone stats suggest that he is also an outstanding athlete. £3m would be a joke.

Anonymous said...

Best way forward would be to sell with the option to loan for next season

Anonymous said...

When we saw Jonjo play last season (vs. Coventry) you could instantly see he had class. He would be looking for the 'pass & space' before the ball arrived. He had a bad opening 45 against the Swans and then Pards isolated him.
Sure, I don't want to see him go but he obviously will and I guess a season loan would be a benefit for us.
I just hope whoever will be the manager doesn't waste the money on ageing injury prone crap loan signings.
At least we are now down to Parky's level (Colchester)

Anonymous said...

I would not accept anything less than £5m, if we have to sell him. He is an excellent prospect and I have been impressed with him when I have seen him play. If we do have to sell, and I would be very upset as the academy players are our future in trying to get back to the Prem one day, then sell-on clause would be a must and a loan back deal should be secured. If Fulham, Spurs or Newcastle want him now, he will be in their reserves for 1 or 2 years so lets get the right deal now and get him as a loan back.
Altogether, I would be sorry to see him leave, he is one of the reasons why I invest in Valley Gold.

Sciurus Carolinensis Nemesis said...

The figures bandied about in the press are almost certainly speculation by idle journos and plants by agents hoping to get their trip on the gravy train.
£5M for a 17 year old would be wildly optimistic
Add to that the common knowledge that Charlton is broke and any purchaser's bargaining power is strongly enhanced.
Jonjo will be on the books of whichever club seduces him best over the summer.
A loan back would be a dream, just a dream
There is just a chance Jonjo and his advisers won't be seduced by bundles of cash right now and choose to continue his development in familiar surroundings as a big fish in our little pond - There is also a chance I'll discover the cure for the common cold

Anonymous said...

Seeing Shelvey play next year was one of the criteria I had for renewal. I wouldn't mind so much if it was a big club being linked but for christ sake Fulham,Spurs and Newcastle.

Anonymous said...

I think a loan back is a possibility. Surely he realises that as good as he is, he won't get regular Premier league football yet.

For his development Newcastle would be a nightmare, one bad performance and their fickle fans would get on his back and possibly destroy his confidence. Spurs would be a bad move as well owing to the club's propensity to dip into the transfer market to remedy the slightest downturn in results. Fulham on the other hand would be ideal for him, he'd get more first team football, especially in central midfield where they are fairly weak and he would be the natural successor to Danny Murphy. In addition he would have an excellent experienced manager to blood him.

As for transfer fees. £5 million would a bargain given his potential but realistically we'd prob accept £3 million. Can't see us accepting less.

James O'Brien

CrackAddick said...

To put £3mio in context, we sold Bowyer (age 19) to Leeds for £2.8 Mio.

Granted he had played slightly more games than Shelvey, but that amount was back in 96 when money brought you a lot more.

League 1 is beneath him even now, but he's better off staying where he is and playing week in, week out. Rather than rotting in the reserves of some big club. There is still plenty of time for big money moves