Thursday, 30 April 2009

Matt Wants To Stay

Midfielder Matt Holland wants to stay at Charlton in League 1: Holland

Given his commitment and experience, I think there would be a role for him at what he must recognise will be a reduced salary.


johnny73 said...

Is he a regular or back up to the first team?

If he is a first teamer, then we are in big trouble, this would mean the squad would have been culled of quality midfielders.

If he's a back up then his wages would need to be drastically cut and we would need to look at what experience, knowledge and leadership he brings to the squad. Based on the last 3 years not a lot.

Anonymous said...

On the basis we will lose Jonjo (and hopefully several wasters)
I think its good news that MattyH will stay especially on a reduced wage. I think midfield is slowly passing him by and I don't mind seeing him play as a Centre back, even though he is lacking in height. At least he can pass the ball and not 'hoof' it upfieled.
But his leadership is an Asset.

Sciurus Carolinensis Nemesis said...

He's been underused this season
With the unavailability of Racon and then Semedo Matt should have featured in just about every squad
75% of the squad used over the last 2 seasons aren't fit to clean his boots
Yes he's slowed down a bit but he only makes his fair share of blunders
An outfield made up of blokes of his kind of professionalism would never flirt with relegation let alone end up rock bottom as the rank worst side in the division.
Commitment and nouse will be essential commodities next season Charlton will be much the poorer without him. If he gets a better offer good luck to him. If Parky or whoever doesn't try hard to retain his services we can rightly dread what's to come

sm said...

Should be as player manager - he is taking the badges, knows all the positions, has the right attitude, obviously understnands the game when you listen to him on the radio. And he couldn't be worse than the last 4.