Sunday, 5 April 2009

Last match of the season

Today it will be the last match of the season in the Isles of Scilly Football League at the Garrison Field stadium, a ground that has been graced by David Beckham and Steven Gerrard when they came to train local players. The Isles of Scilly representative team recently had a successful Cornish tour.

We are not sure which of the two teams in the league - Garrison Gunners or Woolpack Wanderers - is ahead, but Steve Watt in the Radio Scilly studio has said that he will try and find out and send the result. One thing is certain, players, their partners and friends will be having a slap up lunch afterwards. Then most of them will be preparing for the tourist season on the islands which traditionally gets into full swing at Easter.

Sunday evening: I still haven't got the result, the station having gone on automatic while Steve potters on his allotment, goes wind surfing or prepares his boat for the summer (the life of Riley indeed).

However, Steve has E mailed me to recall inter-island football (now only cricket is played): 'I well remember playing against St.Martin's [the third most 'populated' island] on their Pool Green pitch that had a hump in the middle and when they ran at you as a team all you could see was their heads looking like an invading army. They had a clogger called Frankie [deleted] whose wife would scream from the touchline "Kick him in the slats Frankie!" Frightening stuff.'

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