Sunday 19 April 2009

What future for Chris Dickson?

Chris Dickson was not even on the bench for Charlton yesterday and Tuna was tried out, possibly at the wrong time. Meanwhile, Chris Dickson has told the Greenwich Mercury that he is the man to fire Charlton back into the Championship.

The former Dulwich Hamlet ace said that he is determined to force his way back into the starting line up. But he admitted that he was learning very quickly that 'it's a cut-throat business. I had one bad performance against Doncaster and all of a sudden I'm out of the team.'

'I was disappointed with my display in that game. I wasn't feeling myself in that match. I wasn't as upbeat as I normally am and I just wasn't good enough. That's why I lost my place.'

'It was incredibly frustrating because that was probably our most important fixture of the season. If we'd won we might have been able to go on a little run and give ourselves a chance.'

Dickson admits that he may have 'got too comfortable or complacent that I would be in the team. I've never been in this position before and I have to admit that it is hard. I've always been a first choice at other clubs I've been at so it is a new situation I have to deal with.'

These other clubs were at a lower level and it's a big ask for someone to step up from Dulwich Hamlet's level of the non-league to the Championship. Many of Leamington's players are proven goal scorers, but I wouldn't expect them to perform in the Championship or League 1.

Unlike Stuart Fleetwood, whom we have never seen in the first team, Dickson has been given the chance to show what he can do. One of our biggest problems this season has been strikers who cannot score. Their task may be somewhat easier in League 1, but the standard is not that much lower.

Whether Chris Dickson is part of the problem or part of the solution is a matter for debate.


Terry Smith said...

Quite simply, Dickson was given his chance and didn't take it. He looked well out of his depth in the Championship, although the First Division may be easier for him, the club should not be prepared to gamble on him or Fleetwood or McLeod next season. They should get in two people who we KNOW will be able to score for us.

johnny73 said...

Ok Terry,

Ignoring the fact that Dickson has a decent scoring record in League One when on loan for Gillingham. Where is the money going to come from to find two strikers guaranteed to score goals? I'm afraid we have to adjust our sights to surviving with what we have for the time being.