Friday, 16 July 2010

It's good news week

The signing of Kyel Reid has been confirmed, while Izale McLeod has left The Valley 'by mutual consent', in other words he has been paid off to go.

On such occasions we normally use the newsreel comment on the departure of Neville Chamberlain, 'Thanks Mr Chamberlain for all you tried to do.' The problem was that Izale McLeod didn't try to do very much or perhaps he tried too hard. Either way it didn't work out.

Now we just need to sign someone who can find the back of the net.


WattO said...

That is good news. I thought Reid played well last season whenever got down to The Valley. McCleod on the other hand was a load of expensive rubbish. I had a tidy up at work yesterday, and came across a 2007 Welling friendly programme, where it listed all of Dowie's signings. I'd forgotten how much money he spunked away on rubbish! Some players never actually kicked a ball in anger.

Anonymous said...

While not defending Dowie the club did get back 2/3rds of the money by moving them on

Anonymous said...

Apprqx 32m has come into the club from transfers over the last 3 years so why are we so broke?Are people taking money out

Peter Stratton said...

You have to remember that if the business is making a loss then that loss has to be funded from somewhere. It isn't a case of taking money out of the business more the transfers putting money back in that the business cannot generate. I think that last year the business was going to lose about £7Million, this money has to come from somewhere, either out of the directors pockets or from player sales.