Wednesday, 7 July 2010

A lament from Curbs

Having missed out on Fulham, Alan Curbishley thinks that he may have to rebuild his career from scratch: Curbs

He says that he left Charlton 'just to change the routine', although he may now regret that departure. But the parting of the ways was, I think, the right course of action for Curbs and the club. It's just unfortunate that the board had not thought enough about likely successors.


Anonymous said...

I couldn't posibly agree with your conclusion Wyn.
Since Curbs left the club has crumbled and his career has nose-dived.
It was quite obviously the wrong decision for him to leave Charlton. For all concerned.

Anonymous said...

Frankly I think Curbishley knew that the squad had a lot of problems, and he decided that he either couldn't sort them out, or felt that he wouldn't be credited for doing so.

It was unfortunate he didn't get the England job, he couldn't have been any worse than Mclaren.

However the rest of the PL have now worked out what we all knew, which is that he's no great spotter of players, and he doesn't have the tact to deal with the egotistical, touchy players in most premiership squads.

Though you can argue Parker was the end, because that was when it became obvious - a lot of that money was wasted, and developing players inside the club only gets them bought by the big boys.

Anonymous said...

Curbs did a great job creating the team that had Parker at the fulcrome of the team. Halfway through the season Parker was unsettled by the big club and the team crumbled but some of our football up to that point was testament to Curbs' ability to form a good team.

To suggest he can't spot a player is slightly ridiculous, Kiely, Powell, Costa, Mills, Kinsella, Darren Bent to name just a few.

In addition, the squad was getting weaker by the time he left but for the previous 2 seasons he was handed next to no money in the transfer market.

Conversely Dowie was handed the biggest transfer pot we've ever handed a manager and aside from Andy Reid he pretty much threw it all down the drain. I wonder what would have happened had we given the money to Curbs.

I believe Curbs would have been perfect for Fulham. The football may not always have been pretty but they only need look at Charlton to see where their priorty should always lie, in staying in the premiership. I for one hope Curbs goes on to once again prove what a great manager he is.

Wyn Grant said...

I am basically a fan of Curbs (I was one of his shirt sponsors for many years). He achieved great things for the club. But I detected that towards the end he was getting a bit bored with being at Charlton. Of course, many of the players we developed were sold on, but if you can do that at a good profit, that's fine. We were a selling club in the 1950s. Personally I think that managers should stand up to egotistical players more than they do.