Thursday, 8 July 2010

Welcome back, Johnnie Jackson

Johnnie Jackson has left Notts County and joined Charlton: Jackson

This is welcome news. He wants to play for us (or at least live in London, but that should boost his morale) and I was impressed by what I saw on his short loan spell last season (judged against League 1 standards).

So it looks like farewell Kelly Youga who was last seen in France. We missed him after his injury last season when he looked as if he was developing as a player but the recovery from injury was worryingly slow.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps but Johnnie Jackson is supposed to be a left-footed midfielder primarily, and I think that is how he will be predominantly utilised.
Maybe still the inferior but probably adequate Basey will become first choice and Youga will leave. But I don't think Jackson is here to replace Youga.

Ken Jennings said...

Quote from Phil Parkinson:

"Our supporters will have seen him briefly last season when he played well for us on loan, and his versatility - his ability to play left-back, left midfield or centre midfield - will be very important to us going forward."

Sounds like he will be a very busy boy...

Wyn Grant said...

It's evident that he is going to be a utility player. I would agree with the description of Basey as 'inferior but probably adquate'.

Anonymous said...

A good signing still I think, and my confidence in Parky grows with every day. I really think he understands our plight and has followed the correct tact in bringing in unspectacular but effective league 1 players and cashing in where possible. If we can make a difference and finish top half (with the solid defence we look to be securing) it will be by securing Wagstaff and possibly getting another attacking midfielder and buying some decent strikers, Parky knows we can only do this by buying from below and that seems to be where he is looking. For all the difficulties of our position I feel happy and secure that we have at least an appropriate manager.