Saturday, 10 July 2010

Richard Murray has heart operation

Charlton chairman Richard Murray is recovering in hospital after a heart operation: Murray (Quite why this is headed 'Millwall' I don't know).

Best wishes to Richard and his family for a speedy recovery. In the 'blame game' that is such a tiresome part of football and English life more generally, Richard Murray has come in for his share of stick. He and the rest of the board acknowledge that they have made mistakes. But having attended a long meeting he chaired, I can say that he is truly Charlton through and through.


ChicagoAddick said...

Never doubted it. Richard is still held in good esteem by me. Get well soon Richard.

Luv Robin said...

Not for nothing is the South London Press known as the SLoP.

Best wishes to Mr Murray for a full and fast recovery.