Friday, 23 July 2010

Lazy way out

I have decided to carry on with the Addick's Championship Diary format rather than replacing it with an austerity format. I think that we are punching below our weight in League 1 and although I thought it would take two or three seasons to get back to the Championship, I think we will do it eventually.

It may be a conceit to continue with the Championship title, but it does save me work in setting up a new version.

I am actually moderately optimistic about the season ahead. At the very least we have a solid mid-table side and if a few results go our way we could easily be in the play offs. I think that Phil Parkinson has recruited sensibly within his budget envelope over the summer and has held on to some key players such as Dailly and Semedo.

Given that Bailey used to score so many goals, we are in urgent need of a striker to complete the picture, but I am hopeful that someone will be secured.

The official site is reporting that a number of football and non-football staff have been made redundant, but four jobs under threat have been saved.


1979addick said...

Great to hear you are keeping up with your blog in any format; there is nothing lazy about the constant updates that make your site the first port of call when looking for Addicks news.

WattO said...

Should have called AddicksDiary in the first place!

Happy Holidays!

All the best,


AC said...

I'm also quietly optimistic. I think Parky has done incredibly well. And you never know, Reid might chip in with 10 goals, and maybe Racon will fulfill his potential?