Friday, 2 July 2010

Valley disputes block Curbs at Foolham

Alan Curbishley is favourite to take over as manager at Fulham after the departure of Roy Hodgson. However, his path there is blocked by two disputes with two former Charlton players: Paul Konchesky, who had a falling out with Curbs and Danny Murphy, whose departure to Spurs from The Valley was acrimonious: Curbs

Murphy played well for Charlton for a while, but then went into a sulk, while his actress wife Joanna Taylor wrote rather silly articles in The Times which were eventually dropped, but not before she had had a dig at Curbs and Charlton. There are reports that he may be on his way to Liverpool.

Paul Konchesky was generally well regarded among the Addickted, although he is the only player whose sister has complained about something I wrote about him.

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Mick said...

how do we know these things, but in his book Curbs did make an apology to Danny Murphy - I think they would recognize each other now as kindred spirits....