Friday, 9 July 2010

Valete Lloyd Sam

Lloyd Sam has signed for Leeds, a move which he hopes will give a boost to his ambition of playing for Ghana: Sam

Ever since the days of Mrs Wilson's Diary, Private Eye has run a spoof on the Government in office. At the moment it is the Coalition Academy (formerly Brown's) with Headmaster Mr Cameron, Deputy Head Mr Clegg and bursar Mr Osborne (not to forget Mr Clegg in charge of business studies in the Old Chapel).

The Charlton School is a rather run down place that has seen better days. The dowdy and rather mournful Mr Parkinson is in charge with rare appearances by the owner, Mr Murray, who is said to have been using his own money to keep the school open.

The school magazine states: 'Mr Sam, who worked in one of the wings of the school, although often visited the more central parts, is leaving for a post in Leeds. Mr Sam was probably one of the most effective teachers in the school in 45 minute periods, but found 90 minute slots more challenging. Pupils found that he had a clear awareness of curriculum goals, and often approached them closely and rapidly, but had difficulty in securing the final result. He will be remembered for his contribution to the school's drum band and to the photography club. In his new post Mr Sam hopes to have the opportunity to build links with his ancestral home in Ghana.'

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