Friday, 2 July 2010

Second tier interest in Sam

Coventry City, the Glaziers, Leicester City and Leeds United are among the Championship clubs said to be interested in securing the services of out-of-contract Charlton winger Lloyd Sam.

They may find him to be an infuriatingly inconsistent player, certainly not without talent, but inclined to drift in and out of matches so that even if he was on the pitch for 90 minutes (and more often than not he had to be withdrawn) you certainly didn't get 90 minutes of football out of him.

There were even rumours that he was going to leave football altogether circulating earlier in the summer and there does seem to be some kind of attitude problem which perhaps a higher level club could sort out.

For all his limitations, his absence is one of the things that will make the austerity Valley a drabber place.

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