Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Shrimper netted

Alan McCormack has joined the Addicks in their second signing of the summer. He left Southend after four seasons 'by mutual consent'. Described as an 'engine room player' (who formed a partnership with Nicky Bailey at Southend) he hails from Dublin. Phil Parkinson has described him as a 'hungry' player which could mean that he is a bit of a clogger.

He is 5ft. 7 ins. which seems a bit on the short side to me given the towering giants of admittedly limited ability that some clubs put out. Read more about him here: Alan

If he can do the business for us at League 1 level, fair enough.


Anonymous said...

Good business - sell your best player and buy a midget!
It looks like a mid to lower table finish next season! It beggars blief that after all the success stories, we are now worse off (stadium aside) than we were 18 years ago when I first started to follow CAFC.

Anonymous said...

My god we really are in dire straits, I can't believe we sold Frazer Richardson, will Youga be next?

The above has put our plight quite accurately, are we even certain to stay up next year?

Anonymous said...

I know I will be in the minority here and I don't think Parky would agree either , but I never thought much of Richardson . He's OK going forward , but not great defensively , can't head and a bit slow . When Ozmuzi played ( excluding his debut at Carlisle) , he was better ( faster & more skillful ) than Richardson. Solly is actually a much better prospect and will become a better player than Richardson . Its more of a worry that they only gave him a one year deal

Wyn Grant said...

I think that by August 7th we will have a side that will be solidly mid-table in League 1. That's very disappointing, but at least the club has not gone into administration which in current financial circumstances could lead to its disappearance - as nearly happened to Crystal Palace.

Anonymous said...

Fair point Wyn. Lets face it, last season was our chance to go up. We need to reassess now. We are not going to challenge for promotion this year and we could be in this division for a few years. We need to consolidate, bring the running costs of the club right down and try to rebuild the club. It won't happen overnight.

On the positive front we sold Bailey, Richardson and Mout has left, saving us thousands a week. The squad is going to be small next year but there is enough about us to be mid table. We just have to get behind the team now and face facts. No point in moaning, we all realise how bad the clubs finances are.

Austerity Charlton is befitting of Austerity Britain.. just need to show some British stoicism and get behind the players left behind.

Wyn Grant said...

The new version of this blog (when I find time to do it) is going to be called Addick's Austerity Diary. Unfortunately, football fans in general are not known for their stoicism. They tend to have high expectations which I think have increased over time (since the advent of the Premier League).