Monday, 18 January 2010

Addicks announce season ticket deal

Charlton has announced its season-ticket plans for 2010/11. Prices for the next campaign are being frozen at current rates until March 31st, regardless of whether the team wins promotion back to the Championship later in the spring.

What's more, up to 500 supporters can put increases on ice until 2015 by signing up for a five-year season ticket based on five times the League One prices. [For some of us this involves a delicate actuarial calculation].

Charlton plc chairman Richard Murray explained: 'It's a measure of the loyalty of Charlton supporters that we have retained nearly 10,500 season-ticket holders in very difficult circumstances, and the board is very grateful for that support. We are still seeking external investment, but the club now needs to plan its finances for next year and we may not know what division we will be playing in until May, so getting season-ticket revenue in early is important to us.'

This would suggest that, not surprisingly, the club faces continuing cash flow challenges. Should the club ever become insolvent in the future, holders of five year tickets could become creditors of the club.

Season tickets will initially go on sale at 2009/10 prices from early February until the end of March.

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