Saturday, 9 January 2010

Norwich face financial black hole

As we have suggested before, Norwich have major financial problems, possibly even bigger ones than we have: Canaries

I have never bought into the media narrative that Norwich are invincible and certain to occupy the second automatic promotion place. It seems a bit early in the season to decide that.

However, Canaries fans are no doubt relieved that manager Paul Lambert has turned down the offer of the vacancy at Premiership club Burnley.

No one thinks very much about Colchester in this equation, but King's Hill Addick makes the point that they have some money to spend and have retained the services of Super Kevin Lisbie. They also have a very good manager, someone I would have been happy to see at The Valley. It's a matter for concern that if we are in the play offs we will have to face either Colchester or Norwich and possibly Southampton as well.

The weather seems to have been bad in Norfolk and the airport runway at Norwich international airport (I once had the misfortune to land there) had to be cleared of snow yesterday, but it appears that today's game there is going to go ahead, along with that at league leaders Leeds.

My boss (a Leeds fan) contributes the following: 'On the radio yesterday, someone was reminiscing about the big freeze of 1963 when undersoil heating was virtually unheard of. One week Norwich had the bright idea of hiring a few military flame throwers to melt the snow covering the Carrow Road pitch. Their next game was cancelled because the pitch was water-logged.'


Anonymous said...

Sadly from a Charlton perspective that article would seem to suggest that Norwich have their finances sorted for this year which i would imagine would mean they are unlikley to have to sell Hoolahan or Holt.

Playing Southampton in the Play Offs would be a disaster as they add more CCC quality players to their squad this transfer window.

Suze said...

I see that Grayson has also declined Burnley's overtures. We'll continue having to make our own luck then.

I can't see either Holt or Hoolahan going anywhere this transfer window. If Norwich are serious in their promotion efforts, and they are...then they'll fight tooth and nail to keep and add (which they've already done)...what's the point of heading for promotion and selling your best players halfway there.

Wyn Grant said...

I agree and it was a bit of whistling in the dark to hope that their financial problems would derail their promotion challenge. The lesson that does emerge is that we are not the only club to have serious financial problems as David Sullivan has emphasised in remarks this morning.