Saturday, 2 January 2010

Match off

The braziers have failed to work again and today's match at the Bescot is off according to Walsall's site. Hope no one got too far up the M1.

When you enter their site the way it is laid out makes you think there is a special sale of Walsall players at £17.99 each instead of some tat.

I think this would have been a difficult match for us on frozen ground. I know the conditions are the same for both sides, but they would have helped the home side more.

I can now go and buy a Coventry Blaze half year season ticket. Come on you Blaze! Giants tomorrow, let's turn them into pygmies again.


Anonymous said...

What a bl**dy farce. If the pitch was unfit at 09.30 it should have been called off then.
That would have prevented all the Charlton fans that decided to travel, wasting their time and money. As it is many fans have arrived at the ground.

Wyn Grant said...

I agree it was deplorable. I think that the referee may have been under some pressure from the Saddlers as this would, I think, be their third postponed game. It appears that the problem was one portion of the pitch (presumably in shadow) which was still frozen, but this was exactly the problem that occurred in the postponed Norwich game. It has been suggested that there is an incentive for home teams to delay calling off a match as long as possible. It is also yet another example of incompetent refereeing, this time with no players on the pitch.

Herek Dales said...

Following the misleading comments on the Walsall and CAFC (particularly CAFC) websites I made my way north at 10 a.m. Neither Talksport OR Radio 5 mentioned any problem, even when going through a list of postponements at 12:30. What a waste of money! Something should be done! Bring back flogging!

Angry Herek of Greenhithe.

Wyn Grant said...

Being in the Midlands, and Walsall's record and technology (the braziers were shown on regional television as a curiousity item), I was always sceptical about the match being on, but I had to be careful what I said in case it did go ahead. I tried to update as rapidly as I could on the day (plus tweets) but that was no use to fans already on a train or in the car with no help from radio programmes.