Thursday, 21 January 2010

Pardew to swoop for Lisbie?

Alan Pardew may be poised to add Super Kevin Lisbie to his Saints squad: Lisbie . The comments are quite interesting.

Alan Pardew was able to take the measure of Lisbie at The Valley. For me he was one of the most infuriating Charlton players of recent years: capable of scoring brilliant goals (three of them against Liverpool) when he was then inevitably lauded by the media as a 'teenage striker' and then missing sitters from six yards out, hence the nickname 'Missbie'.

I once brought a Canadian friend to The Valley. We were not sitting in our usual seats, Lisbie missed from a few yards out and the bloke beside my friend turned to him and said, 'How much do I pay that guy?'

I think Lisbie can do well at the League 1 level, although he still misses sitters as he did for Colchester against us. One Addick has commented that it would be good for us as it would dent Colchester's season.

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Anonymous said...

There is a perverse sort of symmytery here Wyn - a sort of "two of our greatest 'possibles that turned into disasters' join forces to beat us in the play offs" scenario.

You are right about the comments.Reckon the bloke who said Pardew won't go mad in the transfer market must have said a cheek full of tongue.

Pembury Addick