Monday, 18 January 2010

Championship one game away as Hicks scores again

Having rebuked Merryn Smith for not producing a report on yesterday's clash in the Isles of Scilly, I have got hoist with my own petard as he has produced a very lengthy and detailed report. I have edited it down somewhat:

In stark contrast to last weeks bitter conditions, Sunday 17th January saw blue skies and sunshine envelope the islands and the gentlest of breezes.

The Gunners won the toss and elected to play downhill. Within 6 minutes of the start, Adam Kyne made a huge run up the right, following the long ball through, pitched in a superb cross which Dangerous Darren Hicks deftly headed into the net to give the Wanderers an early one goal lead. It also secured his record of having scored in EVERY league match of this season.

Then, bang on the 30 minute mark a hotly disputed penalty was awarded to the Gunners. With their captain, Russell Hutchins out for several weeks with a broken ankle, it was down to their leading scorer, Eddie Williams to step up to the spot. The shot beat the keeper, but rattled off the left post and was tucked away safely for a corner.

The second half opened in frantic style. After 10 mins, Chris Evans switched with his son due to a mild groin strain and again the action was switching ends, a fantastic cross plucked out of the air by Dan Marcus followed by a rolling save from Jason Smith to deny Darren Hicks. [Wanderers went 2-1 ahead]

10 minutes later though the Gunners were reduced to 10 men. Harry Evans came off the pitch with a foot injury and with no subs on the bench, they had to make do. For the last 15 minutes it was all about defence. 10 man Gunners just would not let up but at the same time, the wanderers back row held solid keeping the scoreline there and taking the win. Mark Mavers, described as “Absolutely Solid ” by the referee (who in the interests of impartiality had awarded the penalty AGAINST him) took Man Of The Match for keeping the back line in order and killing off the attacks at crucial stages.

As to the league itself, The Wanderers have won 7 of the 8 matches played making it 21 points to 3 with 7 games and 21 points available. A win next week will make the Wanderers League Champions, a draw could see both teams on 22 points at seasons end. That’s how it stands in the Smallest League in the World.

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