Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Doubts about Saturday's game

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We want to avoid another last minute cancellation. Given the prospects of quite a long period of cold weather, we may be facing substantial fixture disruption which could affect the promotion race. Certainly we face losing momentum and match fitness and sharpness, although that applies to other teams as well.


Swedeaddick said...

I really hope that the match against Hartlepool will be played as scheduled. It is "must win" game for Charlton. What we don't need is a lot of postponed games. Let's not hope you get the kind of weather that we have here i Gothenburg Sweden at the moment: minus 11 degrees and 10 cm of snow

Wyn Grant said...

Some parts of the country have more than 10 cms. of snow, e.g., where two of my daughters live in the downs area on the borders of Oxfordshire and Berkshire. It's not as cold here, but I am not hopeful of the game going ahead. Fortunately, my boss was able to fly back successfully from his home in Malmo last night.