Saturday, 2 January 2010

Another pitch inspection at 12 noon

There will be another inspection at the Bescot at 12 noon, but the referee is confident the game can go ahead. He wants a bit more work done by the Saddlers ground staff, braziers in new positions etc. He thinks that rising temperatures as the day goes on will also help: cloud cover is increasing in the Midlands.

There may be quite heavy snow showers later in the day.

I am concerned about injuries in this game. In trying to avoid another draw, defeat is a real possibility, but as other bloggers have observed, this is a difficult match to call which could go one of three ways.

It must have been quite a New Year in Erith as Paul May is indisposed and I can't get to the game because of other commitments. We will provide a summary report.

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Anonymous said...

Unconfirmed reports from Bescot say the game is off at 12 40