Monday, 4 January 2010

Beckford on his way

It seems increasingly likely that Jermaine Beckford will leave Leeds for Newcastle, provided a fee can be agreed for the player who is out of contract in the summer. Leeds will then lose a player of near Premiership quality, so they may falter a little in the second half of the season, but not enough for us to catch them.

I was amused to hear Leeds fans describing Beckford on 606 as 'not a Leeds player'. Given that they got him for £45,000 and his goals-to-games ratio, this seems to be rather surprising. Their complaint was that 'he did not track back', but I would be quite happy to have a striker of his calibre even if he didn't help out in defence (anyway it means you have an outlet when breaking).

Even more amusing was to hear Manchester United fans demanding that Fergie be sacked, while the shell shocked supremo was complaining that the five minutes of time added on did not meet the requirements of 'Fergie time' (which has been shown to be a statistical reality).

Over at Palace, the manager and players haven't been paid again, but Warnock is not blaming the Orange One. However, a fire sale of players seems likely:


Ketts said...

Surprised the board at Old Trafford didn't say 'until United score' rather than '5''!!

Think th Championship might be the limit of Beckford's ability, not sure it's a good move for Newcastle.

Leeds fans would much rather lose Beckford than Becchio.

ChicagoAddick said...

Beckford reminds me a bit of Zamora. Reckon he will bounce around top of Championship/relegation threatened Prem for his career.

Wyn Grant said...

I think you are right. Others come to mind in that category who never quite make the grade - Ashley Ward (I think) in the past who was too expensive for us despite being nothing special, Earnshaw etc.