Sunday, 10 January 2010

Norwich to sell off ground?

One possible solution to Norwich's financial problems is to sell off Carrow Road to creditor Axa and lease it back, but the plan has divided Canaries fans: Norwich

The plan has divided Norwich fans. It would probably attract an even stronger reaction at The Valley, although probably the training ground would go first if there was an urgent need for fans. Some directors at Charlton were going to buy and lease back Sparrows Lane before the £7m cash injection was arranged.

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Kings Hill Addick said...

I'm sure that would be a great solution for Norwich but Axa must be looking at the state of finances in English football and wondering what happens if Norwich fail to go up this season.

I can't see a third division club being able to afford the rent on a big stadium and how long before they default on the rent. I cannot see them knocking it down and redeveloping it.

My best guess is that they will have to sell it to 'Fans' that want some security for an investment in the club (unlikely in these times) so I think they will end up selling players or gambling the clubs future on winning promotion.

So, no pressure then?