Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Defensive worries at Hartlepool

Injuries and suspensions have caused defensive concerns at Hartlepool ahead of Saturday's match at The Valley: Monkeys

It was panic stations in the Midlands today as a few flakes of snow followed by some sleet fell with employers declaring 'extreme weather' emergencies and allowing workers to go home early. Il capo cancelled my trip to Firenze because of the weather conditions in Britain.

There are some dire weather warnings for the south-east, but I consider that the Met Office often over egg the pudding to deal with the 'What hurricane' problem? We can do without the postponement of a winnable home match.


Dave said...

Will they be saved by the snow?

Swedeaddick said...

I really hope that the match against Hartlepool will be played as scheduled. It is "must win" game for Charlton. What we don't need is a lot of postponed games. Let's not hope you get the kind of weather that we have here i Gothenburg Sweden at the moment: minus 11 degrees and 10 cm of snow