Monday, 29 October 2012

Abdul Razak recalled

Abdul Razak has been recalled by Manchester City, although his loan was supposed to last until January. The reason given for the recall is injuries to City's midfield players, although others think that City might consider that we did not make enough use of him: Razak

Opinions about him among Charlton fans have been divided with someone really liking him and others having a much more negative view. I have not really seen enough of him to form a considered view.

One criticism has been that he has been lazy but against Barnsley he was very active, pushing forward into the box and looking like the midfielder who might cause problems. There would be some of our midfielders I'd be happy to replace him with, even if his lack of experience did show sometimes. There was also perhaps a touch of youthful arrogance, but then perhaps he has something to be arrogant about.

I don't give much credence to the view that he was foisted on Chris Powell by Michael Slater because the chairman is a City supporter. That is an amusing line for spoof videos, but I doubt that Sir Chris would let his football judgment would be overriden or that Michael Slater would wish to.

Anyway, I hope he gets a chance to cause some problems for the red side of Manchester.

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Anonymous said...

Abdul is pretty well universally liked, and highly rated by us City fans. It`s a shame you guys couldn`t find more minutes for him, but I`m happy to see him back with us. Barry and Yaya both look short of form, and tired unbelievably, and with Rodwell, Garcia, Silva, all missing through injury, Abdul will be very welcome. He was starting to look a real player pre-season, so much so, he`s been called into the full Ivory Coast squad this season, and should make the African Cup squad in January. All the best to you for the season