Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Elliott story denied

Charlton chairman Michael Slater has denied that Paul Elliott has been offered the role of chairman at Charlton. It is interesting to read the wording of what he said in the News Shopper: 'While Paul’s fine credentials are there for everyone to see and he is much admired by the directors, he has not been offered any position at the club. Whatever the future holds for Paul, the board wishes him well.'

This statement does not rule out him ever being offered a position at the club. The future could hold that for him. What I have heard is that consideration was certainly given to making him executive chairman, thus obviating the need to appoint a chief executive officer.

The Mirror can get things wrong, but it is interesting that apparently Sky ran the story. I have done work for Sky and Sky Sports News for many years, both out of the Isleworth and Millbank studios, and more recently by having the satellite truck come round to my home and using the hanging baskets in the garden as a backdrop. They have always impressed me as a highly professional news organisation.

Something is going on at the club and I regard that as good news rather than bad news. The club needs new ideas, new investment and new faces and I don't blame the board for looking for all of them, quite the contrary. Don't expect immediate developments, but don't expect business as usual either.


bristol addick said...

Has anyone in the media actually spoken to Paul about this?

Wyn Grant said...

Not to my knowledge, the story seems to have died or at least put in cold storage.

Anonymous said...

Darren Lewis is pals with Paul Elliott from the 'Let's Kicjk It Out' campaign. I find it hard to believe that Darren hasn't been in touch with Paul/ All very odd.

Anonymous said...

I see Rick Everitt's termination of employment has alledgedly been confirmed.

Another Black Day for the club.
Regardless of the politics he did a great job in growing support.

What amazes me is Murray is party to all this without a single comment... very disappointing

Wyn Grant said...

I don't have confirmation of this myself at the moment, but it wouldn't surprise me. My guess would be that Richard Murray is quite conflicted on issues of this sort, particularly given that according to one version of events he is underwriting the overdraft and is therefore the last line of defence.