Sunday, 28 October 2012

Jonjo Shelvey interviews

In advance of today's Merseyside derby, Jonjo Shelvey has been attracting increasing attention from the media. The article in The Independent makes an interesting comparison between his progress and that of Paul Konchesky at Liverpool: Shelvey .

There was also an article in The Times yesterday which mentioned Charlton very briefly. As The Times operates behind a pay wall, I won't post a link.

Shelvey does say in The Times interview that 'I remember looking at the directors' box at Charlton and seeing [Kenny Dalglish] in. I didn't think he was coming to watch me, but it turns out he was.' Interesting that players look to see who is in the directors' box: perhaps just those who think they might be scouted.

The Times notes 'there is a refreshing honesty about Shelvey, who is as uncompromising off the pitch as he is on it. "My dad has always brought me up to respect people, but if you have your opinion and feel you are in the right don't be afraid to say it"'.

Shelvey recalls, 'I'd gone very quickly from playing in the park with my mates to sitting next to Wayne Rooney at dinner. It's a bit weird.'

Thanks to Tom Morris for tweeting me this link to an article in The Guardian: More on Shelvey .

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