Monday, 22 October 2012

Bolton in for Freedman

Radio 5 is reporting that Bolton have made an official approach to Crystal Palace to secure the services of their manager Dougie Freedman.

Some 'print' media are reporting that Palace have already refused Bolton permission to speak to Freedman, but others say that they are still weighing it up: Freedman . This may be a case of the Sub-Standard getting it wrong again, but there is some useful background in the article.

Richard 'Creepy' Crawley of Pravda has confirmed that Palace have refused permission, but does not think this is the end of the matter as it could depend on how much compensation Bolton are prepared to offer. However, he seems to be getting some abuse both externally and even in the office for this if one is to believe Twitter.

In fact Crawley was right, however much he upset some Palace fans, as the club has announced on its website that they have given Freedman permission to speak to Bolton.

Palace have exceeded the expectations of most pundits this season, but Freedman has just six months left on his contract and has not yet been offered another one.

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