Saturday, 13 October 2012

Elliott in as chairman

Paul Elliott is to become chairman of Charlton, replacing Michael Slater who wants to take more of a back seat role (and possibly to have more freedom to watch Manchester City): Elliott

Catering staff are currently taking a well-earned break, but there is a suggestion that Elliott will serve as executive chairman and there will be no chief executive officer, thus solving two problems at once.

The media emphasis will no doubt be on the fact that he will be the first Afro-Caribbean chairman of a major club, alongside one of the few black managers. For me, it is record as a former Addick that is at least equally significant, although I admire his efforts to fight racism.

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Anonymous said...

I had the pleasure of meeting Paul Elliot late last year at a conference where he was a guest speaker. After the event he was incredibly approachable and we spoke for a short while. Amongst everyone present there was unanimity in agreeing what an impressive individual he is. I'd be delighted if this story is true. We won't just end up with a former Charlton player as Chairman but more importantly we'll have a likeable and intelligent figurehead for the club. The guy commands respect and I think that would fit perfectly with what Powell is trying to acheive at the club.