Thursday, 4 October 2012

Keep calm and carry on says Sir Chris

That is the essence of the message from Chris Powell as Charlton prepare for a difficult trip to the Fylde coast on Saturday: Powell

Blackpool are currently fourth in the table and will be expecting to pick up three easy points on Saturday. So far the Addicks have only lost matches by one goal, confirming a widely held view that we are just one or two players short of a fully competitive side, but facing the Seasiders away is a real challenge.

It is at times like this that I appreciate how difficult a football manager's job is. Do you play very defensively? But then we need more than a point and once you have gone 1-0 behind, what is the Plan B? Or do you go for attack, accepting a big defeat as the risk?

I don't have any answers, although I will be taking a closer look at the Tangerines tomorrow. My one recommendation would be to start Bradley Pritchard. He is fully committed, very energetic and can be a real nuisance to the opposition as he roams round the field.

832 tickets have been sold so far, so at least 1,000 Addicks could be enjoying the bracing winds off the Irish sea and possibly taking advantage of the very cheap accommodation. Among them is away reporter Paul May.


Anonymous said...

Go 4 . 5 . 1 With Razak flanked by Stephens and Jackson (if fit, if not Hollands) Green and Kerkar wide. Fuller upfront alone.
Have Hulse and BWP on the bench. Hulse can replace Fuller if all is well late on. If we're chasing goals we have two forwards to bring on.
Defence will be as last game.
I like Pritchard but he's a little too lightweight. Better deployed as a sub.

Wyn Grant said...

I understand what you mean about Pritchard being lightweight.

Anonymous said...

One would expect Blackpool to attack us, and the more pegged back we become the more difficult we find it to find a way forward, without any real pace on either flank or through the middle, no Wiggins overlapping, Solly out of position, and so forth. I recognise that Fuller can provide some invention between the lines, but I still think Pritchard mobility and energy is an asset especially on the counter-attack that can aid our chances. He may not be the strongest tackler, but he does provide cover and hassles/rushes attackers